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Blue Apron

Dinner in a box!

Are you tired of the same traditional, boring meals?  Craving for something new, healthy and delicious that you can prepare?

Or like many of us are you struggling with meal planning and hunting grocers for everything you need for a perfect, healthy, affordable, home-cooked, chef-like meal?

Then why not have your dinner delivered to you.  Few options exist, one of the best I heard is Blue Apron.  So we decided to give it a try!

Blue Apron indeed delivered three (3) balanced chef designed meals without the chef from quality local suppliers with Fresh ingredients that smells delicious, taste delicious and looks delicious! Some ingredients that you might not find at your local grocer- like hand made pumpkin pasta!

The ingredients remained fresh because they were packed between ice.  So, even if you are not home it remains fresh.

In the box were the exact portions, of everything needed for our groups of four.  You can also order for groups of two or doubled for even more!

The recipe cards are 100% durable and keep-able with the caloric value of each serving for the weight conscious individuals.

The instructions are simply, self explanatory-so much that the kids can get involved or you and your significant other can romantically  prepare the meal that takes no longer than thirty minutes.

Time you cannot get back when it comes to health.

It was indeed a great meal that brought a smile at the end of a long day from prep to delivery on the table, where it quickly vanished.

Watch our video, subscribe and if you try Blue Apron give us a shout out.

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