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If you are tired of watching the animals high on the extinct list on National Geographic Channel and would like to see them live, while making a contribution towards the preservation of them and a future for our kids – a zoo Premium Membership is the way.

Not only because it shows your commitment to Animal Conservation but it reduces the dent in your wallet and increases your opportunities to have fun and spend money in diverse ways to ensure the full experience.

A family of four (inclusive of two adults, one guest/senior and as many children as you want under the age 18) can enjoy unlimited visits and get the full experience for one year to all the The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) locations, including New York Aquarium, Prospect Park, Queens Zoo and Central Park Zoo with a Premium Membership for only  $195.

This same family of four and guest without the Premium membership will spend over $300 on  tickets giving access to the park and to all major activities for one day at Bronx Zoo alone, not including meals, gifts and threats.

The perks continue, read about them here… Bronx Zoo

Don’t forget to get $0.99 refills at every participating WCS restaurant!

and snack bar when you purchase your WCS cup

for $9.99  – Helping Conservation –

Preserving Your Thirst!

In the meantime,  we will continue to explore and experience all these activities to better your experience.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for any videos that would help you plan your next trip to New York.

Why not drop us a line and add any valuable information from your visit as well.




2 thoughts on “Bronx ZOO

  1. Timothy

    I went 12 times with my daughter in Zoo to see snow leopard and all we got was a printed picture of snow leopard on the bag with zoo logo.

    September 12, 2016 at 1:44 pm
  2. Maria Suarez James

    I was watching these poor animals and they are in pain hiding in corners begging to die to be released from this camp of death. My children kept asking me “Mummy are those animals happy?” – What would you say to them when after four visits we could not see one animal happy there. Everything we had to pay 4 times of normal cost, like for example burgers cost $15 …this is not a Hyatt and for me to contribute to ‘the camp’ makes me to auto comply to something I do not like…

    September 14, 2016 at 11:42 am

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