Holiday Train Show – 25 Years of Holiday Magic

What if New York were like this?

Winter is the season for trains in New York.  No summer perspiration, sardined in your holiday train trip.

One of the greatest and my favorite is the NYBC Holiday Train Show. The show features more than a dozen large-scale model railway trains (G scale size- the largest) and over 140 replicas of iconic New York landmarks, from the original Penn Station to the Empire State Building Combining realistic builds with the fantasy effected from the greenery around the well known buildings into a fairy like, mystical world with New York City skyline.

These Models of amazing architecture and iconic  landmarks  were hand crafted from acorn, pine, twigs, leaves, seeds and all types of plant pieces – a walk through the woods by their creators (architects in their own rights) from naked, empty beds to live creations of beauty spanning the entire year, every year from their home in Kentucky.

With the amazing attention to detail you are sure to find something you love for every member of your group from toddler to ‘taddler’ bringing families together over the holidays for over twenty years since it’s creator- Paul G. Busse started in 1992.

Walk away with a greater appreciation of New York and join the most beloved family traditions while enjoying a special bonding experience between young and old in the tranquility of this mystical creation of  complexity and imagination.

Must be seen to believe!


Click here to download pdf flyer

New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show Flyer (click to download)

So, come join us for 2017 in this century old oasis in the middle of New York.  It would be magical if New York could be this way.








3 thoughts on “Holiday Train Show – 25 Years of Holiday Magic

  1. Jesus

    miss the train for this season, but thank you for the info, i’ll try again this year

    February 17, 2017 at 4:34 pm
  2. Aiko Sugimoto

    I am in love with trains. In Japan we have many speed trains but NY is always special and dreamy. Our family went in New York for Christmas time 2016 and we catch “Holiday Train” but did not see actors like in your film you attached in the article. This is a thrill to see and production is so cool. Keep it up, can’t wait to see your next film about trains. I always wanted to ride in vintage train. We missed Holiday Train Show for 25ths anniversary, but thank you for having this posted complimenting a video that shows amazing craft and exhibition. We are coming again in NY for holiday season and this time I am going to purchase tickets online before we departed to NY. This will be my first train show in Botanical Garden.

    June 24, 2017 at 1:44 pm
  3. Valeria

    We took a ride on ‘Nostalgia Train’ in summer time to Coney Island, awesome. No actors at that time 🙁

    July 19, 2017 at 9:05 pm

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