Second Avenue Subway

An investment in the future of New York

The Second Avenue subway is the newest addition to the city (built Jan 1st 2017) and it is still the cleanest station in the MTA transit. So jump on a Q train and enjoy the workable air conditioning, the new seats – be warned wait time might be long.

Experience the largest permanent public art installation in New York State history. As you walk along the walls you become emerged in the faces and diverse people that make up New York and travel with you from 57th street/ 7th avenue to the new 96th / 2nd Ave street subway.

It took 10 years to build this beautiful “oasis” from 2007 to 2017 but the history of the second avenue line did not start then. It is a project shelved for almost ten decades all the way back in the 1920’s. A serial of low currency attacks in the form of recessions, budget cuts, world wars, subway repairs and hesitations that left the East Side deprived of proper transport and a large transit gap.

It was elevated then demolished in the 1940’s leaving the Lexington avenue line to work extra for five decades. An attempt to build in 1972 was halted until the rocks began cracking with available funding at the end of 2006.

Sometimes I feel like traveling in the Subway is like an adventure.  Tunneling under the city, crossing rivers to arrive at my destination.

200,000 people a day would be using the 2nd Avenue Subway.

If you want to be one, get a Metro card and ride the subway to 2nd Avenue – NYC’s first futuristic Subway station.


One thought on “Second Avenue Subway

  1. Gretta und Meinrad

    Diese U-Bahn sieht ziemlich nett mit klimatisierten … Bravo NYC

    July 2, 2017 at 9:32 pm

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