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Charging Bull

Bowling Green

If you are looking for a place to go that is the center of activity in the city – Bowling Green is the place.

From their you can visit the Charging Bull, take the Staten Island Ferry, visit the National Museum of American Indians, Battery Park and the Green Market for some wonderful threats.

When you get exhausted or just need to take a break to eat, you can sit down in Bowling Green Park (the oldest public park in New York City) and enjoy the water fountain that is truly “the delight of the Inhabitants of the City” – popular lunchtime destinations for workers in the nearby Financial District.

Stroll along the original 18th-century fence surrounding the park which carries a history by itself- sawed off, with the saw marks still visible today as images of the city’s history come alive before you. Visualize the Sons of Liberty throwing down the statue and sawing away the fence On July 9, 1776, after the Declaration of Independence.

While you munch on your lunch or snacks embrace the fact that you are sitting in the filming location for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicholas Cage which box officed at 215.3 million USD in 2010

Lift your eyes to the skyline of skyscrapers in your view such building as;-


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