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Lefferts Historic House

“Built by a Dutch family in the 18th-century farming village of Flatbush, Lefferts Historic House features a working garden, historic artifacts, period rooms and exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to play with traditional tools, toys and games, and engage in historic activities such as candle making, sewing and butter churning. Prospect Park Alliance and the Historic House Trust of New York City jointly operate and preserve this important piece of New York City’s past.”

Every weekend, there are tours of the upstairs rooms. On Fathers Day and on Openhousenewyork weekend, there are additional behind the scenes tours of the attic and basement areas where an actual Dutch family once lived.


New York City waterway for free

If you want great access to some of the historical and must -see sights of Manhattan and Brooklyn in one day while enjoying shopping or window shopping (which I do much of) then take the IKEA Express from PIER 11, Wall Street, Manhattan to Red Hook, Brooklyn IKEA pier.

New York - Buttermilk Channel

From the beautiful New York harbor enjoy views of the water taxis, helicopters air lifting and popular ferries and tour boats on the water way against the backdrop of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Blue Skies

Then hop on the IKEA Express for a-15-20 min sail from Manhattan to Brooklyn where your walk on the authentic Brooklyn docks with historical industrial artifacts salvaged from the original Todd Shipyard – an active ship repair during  the Civil War period (supported with information as an outdoor museum along the dock).  Included is the site of an eerie crane accident which took many crane workers into the bottom of the river.  Maybe that is where the name Erie Basin Park came from?



Views on the Waterway


On your ride over you can enjoy views of

Warehouses in Brooklyn, Red Hook

The iconic New York pride “SNAPPLE” factory with gorgeous mural on their walls

Statue Of Liberty

Governors Island

With the right shoes, skates, scooter or bikes you can comfortably explore the “Fairway Market Red Hook” in Brooklyn, on the docks nearby IKEA with edibles to choose from or to the “IKEA  Restaurant with children friendly meals and prices.

Or visit the “Waterfront Museum”, next to “Fairway Market Red Hook” which seeks to educate you about maritime history & expand waterfront access in the metro area.


Red Hook mural @ Dr Pepper Snapple Group

                              New York pride “SNAPPLE” factory

Striking Liberty

Spartanette in New York City

Miles4Justice @ Red Hook

Your final exploration should be “IKEA Brooklyn Home Furnishings” where you can find everything for your entire home or to make personalized with comfort your temporary ‘staycation‘ to New York.  If you got kids, toddler age or above you can drop them off at the Play Area as long as they meet the measure and are potty trained.   Leave them to socialize and enjoy their 30 minutes play for free while you go shopping or exploring.  IKEA has recreated fantastic spaces that make you feel right at home.

When all is done take your free ride back to Manhattan via the ferry guaranteed with a show of your receipts of your purchases of food or store products valued ten dollars per person.

Brooklyn Docks Solice

If you ask me, it’s free when you consider, day care services, cheap food, free tours, wonderful views of all above and nature, plus resting areas and great explorations in the food and culture of Red Hook in Brooklyn.


Safety Tips

One tip learned yesterday by seven boys in Central Park – no selfie’s on the thin ice!

They claim to have tested the ice pond by throwing stones at it which might have apparently even weekend the already thin iced pond which might have become their grave if it were not for the two LA Skateboarders who did not hesitate to jump in and save them all!

We were not near by but here is what was captured about the one thing you should not do in Central Park.



In the meantime,  we will continue to explore and experience all these activities to better your experience.
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The Race is on

And we are not talking about the political race with those flares of anger carried  between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

This is the largest marathon in the world, with 50,530.finishers in 2014 since it began in 1970.  It was not until 1976 when they took the race from the park to the roads – Verrazano Bridge.

The NYC Marathon is a race of courage, endurance, stamina and commitment.  You cannot just wake up tomorrow morning and jump into gear for the 26.2-mile marathon.  You have to prepare, commit and register for a chance to be picked in the lottery of applicants.

It is held on the first Sunday of November and attracts professional competitors and amateurs from all over the world.

TCS New York City Marathon Hot Spots




This year, a Brooklyn born family of Quadruplets will be racing to the finish line.  We will be joining them on this journey with Brooklyn pride (#BKProud) and hopes that we one day can be the amateurs in this great race of champions!


Mary Keitany reacts after crossing the finish line to win the women’s division of the 2015 and 2016 TCS New York City Marathon



SUNDAY, November 6, 9AM ET

Come join the multitude of colors, cultures and countries!

NYC TCS Marathon 2014 winners













Is the Brookyn Bridge Truly Haunted?

What do you think?

Are you willing to visit the Brooklyn Bridge at night to see if you might be among those to hear screams, splashing water or to see the shadowy figures flitting across the bridge?

If you are really lucky you might see the headless man – yes, the Brooklyn Bridge even has it’s own ‘headless’ person but he is not on the horse. His head came off when a cable snapped and while working on the bridge.   Actually, he was just one among the 27 workers who died during the Brooklyn Bridge construction.

Well, if you believe in ghost you might think these stories to be true…

Join us 2017 Halloween night for a nightly tour of Brooklyn Bridge

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In the meantime, we will continue to explore and experience all these activities to better your experience.
You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos that would help you plan your next trip to New York.
Why not drop us a line and add any valuable information from your visit as well.


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